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Victor Oladipo and Myles Turner star off court on NBA TV

The Pacers teammates had some fun on set at Turner Studios, as Oladipo explained the feathery lifestyle.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Oladipo and Myles Turner spent part of their off day Tuesday with the NBA TV folks at Turner Studios which is next to Philips Arena in Atlant where the Pacers play the Hawks on Wednesday night.

While the pair had some fun, the appearance on NBA TV's studio show for 'Players Only' night with Chris Webber, Isiah Thomas and Kevin McHale was also educational. While Zeke offered Vic some wisdom on the perimeter, the highlight was McHale sharing his unlimited post knowledge with Turner. Not only did McHale show Turner his preferred plan in the post, ending with a jump hook, but he implored Myles to use it more and show it off against the Hawks on Wednesday.

PLEASE!!!!!!!! And thank you, Kevin McHale! Check it out.

During an appearance on 'The Starters,' Skeets had the pair of Pacers share their reactions to the sudden loss against the Celtics. They moved on to a more pleasant topic, discussing Oladipo's All-Star credentials which evloved into Turner and Oladipo showing off their good chemistry by discussing their blocked shots competition. From there, they played the "Newly Teammates Game" in which they took a dig at Al Jefferson and Oladipo explained his Mr. Feathery nickname.

"Feathery is a way of life, it's better than better, it's not great it's heavenly, it's right under that, it's feathery."

Feathery it is. Here's a look at part of the show.

Atlanta is never an easy place to play when a team has a night off in town, but hopefully the trip to Turner kept Vic and Myles entertained for the evening and ready to face the Hawks. Can't wait to see the McHale-inspired jump hook from Myles!