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Pacers Injury Update: Myles Turner remains sidelined by concussion

The Pacers continue to keep Myles Turner out with no timeline for his return.

NBA: Preseason-Indiana Pacers at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

After missing two games over the weekend due to a sore neck and concussion, Myles Turner will not be available in Minnesota on Tuesday with the same issues.

According to Nate McMillan, Turner remains in the concussion protocol which means he won’t be ready the back-to-back in Oklahoma City, as well. In fact, when he may return is up in the air because none of the physical tests and practice he needs to complete before returning can begin until he’s cleared from the concussion protocol.

The Pacers do have three full days off after OKC before playing Sunday afternoon against San Antonio at the Fieldhouse. If Turner isn’t cleared to play by Sunday, hopefully he will at least be at the point of testing and working to get cleared physically for his return.

The Pacers desperately need Turner to balance out the playing rotation. His absence has pushed Domantas Sabonis to the starting lineup with Al Jefferson playing backup big minutes, and as Coop points out, putting the Pacers in a bind.

Al or no Al, the Pacers defense hasn’t been stellar and will face a pair of matchups that appear daunting with Bojan Bogdanovic slated to guard Jimmy Butler in Minny and then Paul George in OKC.

It appears, Butler is the best option for Bogdanovic to guard considering Andrew Wiggins is averaging over 24 points per game throug the T’Wolves’ first three games.

Goodness! Get well soon, Myles!!!