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Mark Boyle set to broadcast his 2,500th game for Pacers

Take a moment to appreciate the voice of the Pacers as he reaches a milestone broadcast on Thursday.

Orlando Magic v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

A hearty congratulations and bravo goes out to Pacers radio broadcaster, Mark Boyle as he preps to call his 2,500th Pacers game on Thursday at at the Fieldhouse.

Calling his 29th season for the Blue and Gold, Boyle's excellence on the mic always delivers HD-quality visuals for fans unable to watch the game in person or on TV. His ability to describe big moments and react spontaneously has enhanced some of the greatest highlights in franchise history. You can listen to my personal favorite below.

While Boyle offered a humble 'thank you' to the team and fans on this milestone game, it should be those of us enjoying the listen over the year who are thanking MJB. So make sure you reply to Mark’s social media posts to share some love.