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Reggie Miller enjoyed his return to Fieldhouse, Paul George...not so much

Reggie Miller enjoyed his return to Indy to call the Pacers game on Monday and the fans enjoyed his presence. The same can’t be said for the Pacers who returned to hear some boos during a losing effort to the Knicks.

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The Pacers were soft in the middle on Monday night, outscored by the Knicks in the second and third quarters combined, 64-41. After a promising start, the effort that flipped the game in New York’s favor didn’t sit well with the Fieldhouse faithful, pushing many to boo at different points in what would end up being the Pacers third consecutive loss.

Unfortunately, the action took place in front of a national television audience on TNT with Pacers legend and HOF’er Reggie Miller in the ‘House. The game didn’t put a damper on Reggie’s rare return to the Fieldhouse as he thoroughly enjoyed his visit, catching up with old friends and sharing mutual appreciation with the fans.

Miller’s evening sat in contrast to Paul George, who seemed to take a shot at fans following the game for booing the team, recalling a similar situation in 2014 when the No. 1 seed Pacers were booed, a reaction that team earned with their frustrating play at times over the last half of the season.

Why bother commenting on the fans when the team has its own issues or more import?

Well, he was asked, and PG is rarely savvy with his comments on delicate matters, often wading between brutally honest and tone deaf. I didn’t feel his comment on the booing, saying “That’s Indy in general” were simple frustration after a bad night.

Then on Tuesday after practice, PG seemed to go completely tone deaf on the topic. But after watching the video of his comments in context of the questions and his prior discussion, his extended comments on preferring fans cheer instead of boo are far more benign. Seriously, you are hunting for controversy if making a big deal out of these comments.

“They an do what they want,” PG said. “They pay their money, their hard-earned money to watch us play. They got the right to do whatever they want. It doesn’t hurt me, doesn’t hurt my feelings. Just know we work harder off cheers than boos.”

Again, PG would be better off avoiding the topic all together because it is easy to take black and white words on a screen or paper out of context. But watch the video. He’s even chuckling as he completes his comment on the topic.

Speaking of video, on a much more fun topic, Reggie Miller made sure he was able to meet Olympic hero and IU swimmer, Lilly King. He also caught up with David Benner and Donnie Walsh while taking time to thank fans for the warm reception.

After PG’s comments on the fans and his expressions of frustration at times this season, there remains an underlying storyline about whether PG will remain in Indy and enjoy similar receptions in retirement, or go on where his burden to impact winning isn’t so heavy.

Check out Reggie’s social media timelines for some great stuff while he was in town.

FAMILY.... ❤❤❤❤ these guys... #BallersBall

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