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Jeff Teague and Glenn Robinson III have that look in Pacers backcourt

With Jeff Teague running the show, Glenn Robinson III has found a comfort level as a backcourt running mate.

Orlando Magic v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

A fraction of a second.

That’s all it took for Jeff Teague and Glenn Robinson III to lock eyes and know exactly what the other guy was thinking.

Midway through the first quarter against the Magic on Sunday, Teague was pushing the ball up right side of the floor after a missed free throw with Robinson ahead of Teague, running toward the corner three spot with a defender covering him up.

After the look, Robinson shot back door as Teague tried to squeeze a bounce pass to him for an easy bucket. The Magic defender was able to get a finger on the ball to disrupt the play — but that look and the resulting play showed the Pacers current starting backcourt is getting more comfortable playing together.

“We’re starting to get more of a connection,” Robinson said. “I’m a guy that likes to run the floor as much as possible, get out and create some transition buckets. And him being as fast as he is, we’ve started to create that connection and he gives me that little nod and I know that means, go back door and he’ll find me.”

This time, the result wasn’t a bucket, but the pair pulled the same stunt on the Bulls for an easy bucket in a similar situation on Friday.

With Robinson eager to run the floor and the current trend of fast break runners flaring to the corner for threes, keeping the defense honest with a backdoor cut will always create easy buckets while keeping the defense honest.

And in Robinson’s case, getting loose on the baseline could generate some highlight finishes at the rim as he continues to get more comfortable on the court and allows his game for blossom.