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NBA Trade Deadline: Can a trade fill a need for Pacers this year?

The Pacers have some holes in the playing rotation that will be challenging to fill via the trade route.

NBA trade season is upon us and the Pacers have needs. Can they flip a veteran asset or two to fill a need or two?

Posted by Indy Cornrows on Friday, January 13, 2017

The Indiana Pacers arrive home from London with a 20-19 record and still searching for some consistency on the road that rises to the level of play they show at home, or at least a level that won’t get them embarrassed away from BLF.

The main issues aren’t hard to identify and making a move before the trade deadline in February could certainly help. Someone to bolster the defense and rebounding in the reserve rotation, whether that be in the form of a 3 and D wing or a more traditional power forward would be a big start.

But with the bulk of talent to deal with in the form of veteran role players, finding a viable option will be no easy task. But as the season continues, more teams will become sellers, no longer concerned with winning and surely the Pacers will be listening. So...

What do you think the Pacers should do? Which players should they target? Are you willing to give up a future draft pick to help this year? What would it take for the Pacers to become sellers this year?

Thanks to SB Nation for putting together the video highlighting the Pacers current trade situation.