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Pacers Podcast: Do you remember what happened 10 years ago?

Our first episode of Locked on Pacers includes a look back key events ten years ago today.

Game 4: New Jersey Nets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Do you remember what happened ten years ago in the wee hours of Friday morning during the Pacers first week of training camp?

Two monumental events happened that Friday, starting with the first post on Indy Cornrows. Little did I know, while setting up the blog that several Pacers were mixing it up at Club Rio on the city’s west side.

Now ten years later, I’m launching a podcast called Locked on Pacers, part of the Locked On Podcast network. In my first episode, I take a quick trip down memory lane to recount the vivid memories of the first day of Indy Cornrows.

Do you remember Fingers? How about team MVP Ramel Mattox? Well, I talk about them and also touch on the new and interesting storylines emerging for the Pacers during their first week of camp.

Check it out and tell your friends!