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Pacers Training Camp: Young Pacers working hard to earn time

The Pacers young reserve players came to camp ready to ‘work and earn’ their time on the court.

Indiana Pacers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Following the Pacers only practice on Wednesday, a three-hour workout that included plenty of competition on the floor with the players divided into three teams - starters, reserve unit, young fellas.

According to Nate McMillan and others on hand, the young fellas, lead by Joe Young, Glenn Robinson III and George Niang won their share of games. Their hard work and readiness to compete in camp has been a highlight after three practices.

While McMillan didn’t include any of the young players in his expected playing rotation, he didn’t rule out the option while praising the group after practice.

“As I told them today, the way they’re playing, they’re going to play,” McMillan said. “If you continue to play the way these guys are playing, you’ve got to find a way to get them on the court. No one can say anything. You have to respect when someone is working hard they’re being productive. They need a shot. and if they get that shot and continue to be productive, they’ll play.”

McMillan went on to praise they young players’ preparation to come to camp ready to compete and show their improvement. Joe Young also spoke about his mindset to “work and earn” which included two months of 4:30 a.m. workouts. Mark Montieth has a nice article with details after speaking with McMillan and Young after practice.

Also, for more insights on practice so far, listen to Chris Denari on the Kent Sterling Show. Denari is able to watch the full practices and shares his observations with praise for Jeff Teague running the team well in transition and Monta Ellis simply running real well. Check it out: