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Pacers Injury Update: Myles Turner starts camp under concussion protocol

An errant elbow has Myles Turner sidelined with a concussion as the Pacers start camp.

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Nate McMillan opened training camp enthused about the team’s overall health with the exception of a concussion suffered by Myles Turner last week during a scrimmage at the Fieldhouse.

The matter-of-fact revelation didn’t reveal any long-term concern from McMillan. But any head injury requires special attention and the NBA has a protocol in place to make sure players are safe to return to the court following a concussion.

"He should be ready in a couple days," McMillan said. "I talked with him this morning, he said he feels really good, but he has to go through the NBA protocol to get himself back on the floor."

For his part, Turner appeared ready to roll and has no concerns going forward.

"I'm fine," Turner said. "I took a shot last Monday. Me and Alex were going up for a rebound, and his elbow threw out there a little bit, just caught me in the side of the head, but I'm all right. Rested up this weekend, did the protocol, and they'll evaluate me."

So while Turner may not be good to go on Tuesday, he had no concerns about joining his teammates at full strength soon.

“It’s my first concussion,” Turner said. “I didn’t even know I had one, just had a couple of headaches. They went ahead and diagnosed me with one, but they said it was real mild and I should be ready to go, if not tomorrow then some time this week.”