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Reggie Miller and Larry Bird talk Pacers and overrated Dream Team scrimmage

Two Hall of Famers discuss the Pacers past and present, Paul George and legends from Bird’s career.

Warriors V Pacers Getty

Pacers legend Reggie Miller talked with fellow Hall of Famer and Pacers prez, Larry Bird on Tuesday as Reggie filled in as guest host for The Dan Patrick Show. As you can imagine, the conversation was well worth the listen, especially for Pacers’ fans.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • They discussed 1998 Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 game-winner Reggie drilled which Bird didn't react to on the sidelines. Bird explained his view of the play as Jordan pushing Reggie even though Reg copped to a slight nudge of His Airness. Both were still wondering how Jordan had time to double-pump and release a shot with only 0.4 seconds left on the clock.
  • Regarding today's game, Bird’s go-to players at the end of games, Reg gave him a chance to include Paul, but he wasn’t ready to go there. Bird said Paul's getting better and better, but you know LeBron going to the hole, Kevin Durant, Westbrook going to hole. Bird prefers the guys that get it and take it to the rim and force refs to make a call. Maybe that's why Pacers don't have many three-ballers.
  • On PG, Bird said he keeps getting better and better and works at his game. He figured the injury would be a media topic in Rio but Paul has put it in the back of his mind and looking forward to continuing to improve.
  • While discussing the original Dream Team, Bird claims the practice game billed as the best game no one ever saw was actually one of the worst practices he's ever seen. All guys were doing was talking back and forth.
  • On current Pacers, hiring Nate McMillan and wanting to play more uptempo. Bird said, when talking about running more, we don't mean like Golden State or OKC, but scoring more off defense and maybe getting out and running more. Like to score 105-106 per game but still defense like they have been (Dan Burke mention!). Nate has coached over 900 games and he knows the game has changed.
  • Reggie mentioned the pressure they had playing the Celtics when Bird was the head coach. Pacers were 10-1 against the C's. Bird didn't say anything but everyone around made sure the players knew. Bird said first win in Boston was one of the greatest moments he ever had in sports. He recalled the back-door play between Mark Jackson and Reg which iced the game.
  • Bird sheepishly confirmed the famous, "who's playing for second?" line from the 1986 three-point contest. You can here this part of the discussion here:

Listen to the whole interview here (starts at 24 minute mark).