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Myles Turner introduces new logo

The Indiana Pacers big man introduces his own signature logo at just 20 years old.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers 2015 first-round draft pick, Myles Turner, took to Twitter and Instagram to debut his official logo late on Tuesday night.

The 20 year-old rookie standout’s logo features a symmetrical shape that includes both his initials and number. His initials are shown with the large ‘M’ surrounding the smaller ‘T’ in the middle of the emblem. Surrounding the ‘T’ on both sides lies a ‘3’ - forming his number 33.

According to Scott Agness of, both Turner and second-round draft pick Joe Young signed apparel contracts with Nike upon being drafted. Pacers fans will have to wait find out if and when the young man’s logo will appear on merchandise for sale.

Let us know if you like the logo in the comments below!