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NBA Draft: Grading the Pacers' Pick

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The Pacers went with a safe albeit accomplished option at 50 with the selection of Georges Niang. How did he grade out with Indycornrows?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Georges Niang
6'9" 231 lbs
Iowa State University

Grade: C+

With other promising second-round talents on the board, the Indiana Pacers selected four-year college player, Georges Niang, with the 50th overall pick. Niang projects as a 4/3 in the NBA, and while he's in short supply of NBA athleticism and quicks, he possesses an intriguing offensive profile, as he's equally adept at scoring in the post, from mid-range, and from three. Niang's a polished passer, too, averaging 3.3 APG his senior season, placing him elite company for his position.

The questions are twofold: Can he overcome his physical deficiencies and score efficiently at the NBA level? And who does he guard? At the very least, Niang should offer scoring punch, versatility, maturity, and a competitive edge to the summer-league roster with a likely assignment to Fort Wayne upcoming.