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NBA Draft: Pacers select Georges Niang with the 50th overall pick

Indiana selected Iowa State forward Georges Niang with their second round pick, giving them an experienced senior for at least the summer circuit.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

In an exciting NBA Draft, the Indiana Pacers remained quiet after making their move earlier in the day by acquiring Thad Young from the Brooklyn Nets for their first round pick. That left the Pacers with their second round pick, the 50th overall, which they used to draft Georges Niang from Iowa State.

The 6'9" forward worked out with the Pacers last week, appearing to have left them impressed enough to use their lone remaining draft pick on him. Niang played four years with the Cyclones, three under current Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg. He fell due to his lack of overall athleticism, but led Iowa State in scoring this past season with 20.5 points per game and six rebounds, leading them to the Sweet 16 with 28, 28, and 30 points in the three NCAA Touranment games.

Niang's lack of athleticism could lead him to struggle to make a roster spot in the NBA, but he'll have an opportunity to show his wares in the Summer League and will bring 38% shooting from three point range into the fold.