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NBA Draft: Mock drafts project various options for Pacers with No. 20 pick

Picking 20th in the NBA draft is awfully hard to project since there are 19 variables that have to play out. The latest mock drafts show the Pacers may have plenty of options at different positions.

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Last night, ESPN televised a mock draft with Chad Ford and Jay Bilas filling the draft board. No, I didn't watch the whole show, but I did flip by to see that they picked Dejounte Murray, a young, dynamic point guard out of Washington, for the Pacers at No. 20.

Over the past month, Murray's name has been up and down the mock draft boards but lately, more projections have him landing with the Pacers. Yes, he's a point guard and the Pacers just traded for Jeff Teague. But Murray is also a home run swing on talent. At 6'5, he's just 19 he has a load of talent to develop in the NBA.

ESPN's Kevin Pelton projected an outlier for the Pacers with Gary Payton II as their first-round pick, a player that may be available in the second round. Pelton uses plenty of formulas in his analysis but I can't help but think , as a Seattle guy, he doesn't just love the idea of Gary Payton's son teaming up with Nate McMillan.

Considering the Teague trade, the most obvious move is to add a power forward/stretch four/versatile big man to the mix. Brice Johnson, Juancho Hernangomez, Domantas Sabonis and Taurean Prince are a few names that fit that description and could give the Pacers something they need now.

How the draft falls will shape the final decision for the Pacers, but if a young talent like Murray falls, should the Pacers go for the big talent or fill an immediate need?

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