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NBA Finals: Game 7 Thread

Team LeBron or Team Curry?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight marks the end of the NBA's 2015-2016 playing schedule, and what a doozy it should be.

Legacies are on the line. Can the Cleveland LeBrons pull of the seemingly impossible 1-3 comeback? Can Curry and the Warriors put a cap on their historical season?

The aftermath of either result will be fascinating. Surely, Warriors' fans both passionate and casual alike will point to the Draymond Green suspension as the turning point (aka rigged result) if they lose, while LeBron will have to face a familiar onslaught of questions as to whether he's good enough to be a Mount Rushmore great should the Cavs fall short.

It's high drama. The kind of drama that doesn't come around very often in NBA circles, so let's appreciate the moment.

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