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The Voice Indiana: Larry Bird now searching for new coach for Pacers

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Larry Bird remained vague when talking about the potential coaching successor to Frank Vogel, but made it clear he is looking for a new voice. Apparently, he'll know it when he hears it.

Larry Bird made it clear the Pacers need a new voice along with some more offense. Other than that, he was pretty vague when explaining why Frank Vogel would no longer be coaching the team.

The voice part is big and there is no doubt the players didn't appear on board with what the team was trying to do at various points in the season. Of course, that effort is a two-way street and if a player isn't getting the message or doesn't want to get the message than the blame doesn't all fall on the coach.

But the coach does have to hold players accountable and Bird did mention Vogel's soft touch as a reason to move in another direction.

"I'm sort of going to Frank's side because he's had so much success by staying positive. We do have to stay the course," Bird said. "But I also think he's got to start going after guys when they're not doing what they're supposed to do. And stay on them, whether you've got to take them out of the game when they're not doing what they're supposed to do, or limit their minutes. I will say, he hasn't done that enough."

So now the coaching candidates rumors are rolling in. Ken Berger of CBS mentioned Nate McMillan, Jeff Hornacek, Brian Shaw and Jim Boylen.

McMillan's name has surfaced from a few other sources as well which seems like a lateral move if Bird is looking for more offense. McMillan pulled off some coaching miracles with a few of the rosters he had to coach in Seattle and Portland, but he was always a defensive coach with teams that survived at the offensive end.

So while we wait for the coaching search to get past the rumor stage, enjoy the fantastic photoshop work by poopsandwich with Jeff Van Gundy on The Voice Indiana.