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Pacers offseason: Will Larry Bird clear up assumptions about Frank Vogel's future?

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The Pacers have earned a lot of publicity after bowing out of the playoffs thanks to comment by Larry Bird which indicate he ready to hire a new coach. Will he actually say that on Thursday during his press conference?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Bird sure knows how to draw a crowd.

The Pacers president will hold a press conference on Thursday at 11 a.m. ET which isn't out of the ordinary since he normally meets the media following the season for a postmortem on how he viewed the season along with vague thoughts on how he hopes to improve the team for next season.

Thanks to Bird's comments to Gregg Doyel on Monday no one in attendance will care about the postmortem nor look ahead. Instead Bird has created the assumption that he will address the head coaching situation and possibly even announce the firing of Frank Vogel.

All of these assumptions are based on Bird's non-committal comments about Vogel. Adrian Wojnarowski had Vogel's side of the story covered with reports that Vogel remains in the dark regarding his future with the Pacers.

It remains entirely possible, Bird will try to avoid announcing a final decision on Vogel by saying he still hasn't discussed the situation with Herb Simon. Mr. Simon's a busy man, you know. Although, I'm pretty sure Simon was free on Tuesday night considering up until Sunday, he had to keep his schedule clear to watch the Pacers had they advanced.

Bird used a similar tactic a few years ago when he avoided discussing his future as the team president right after the season. Everyone always refers to Bird as as straight shooter but I've never confused his blunt, often humorous answers as the straight truth. In fact, I usually like to focus on what he doesn't say.

This situation doesn't just concern Bird and Simon. Surely the two have at least an ounce on consideration for Vogel and his options.

I've been waiting for a Woj bomb saying Vogel is in contact with Team X while waiting to hear from Pacers. That would confirm the assumptions that Bird isn't just jacking around with the media and instead is jacking around with Vogel. But until we hear more from Bird and/or Vogel we are left with assumption.

Former Pacer Danny Granger, made the same assumptions most have regarding the reports from Doyel and Woj while talking on SiriusXM NBA Radio today. You can hear his words in the clip below but here is a transcript.

"Frank Vogel is one of the greatest human beings I know. Great coach. Me and Frank have a great relationship, definitely a great coach, great human. Never had a problem working with Frank.

For the most part, what I think is going on in Indiana - and I don't think you needed to be there or be within the organization to see this - but for a press conference to be called and no one knows what's going to be discussed, including Frank Vogel, and that's from the reports I've heard, that he doesn't even know what's going to be discussed, then obviously I think the writing is on the wall as to what will be discussed. So I don't know why they would call a press conference to say we are going to retain a coach."

As you can see, Granger's opinion on the topic is based strictly on the reports from Doyel and Woj which have turned the press conference tomorrow into a Frank Vogel press conference, when that may not be the intention of Bird and the Pacers. But Bird created all of the noise about Vogel, so like it or not, tomorrow's press conference WILL be about Vogel.

Hopefully we'll get some real answers.