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Pacers Links: After Game 7 loss, offseason begins quickly for Pacers

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The Pacers came up short in Toronto, losing Game 7 and ending their season. But it didn't take long after the final buzzer for big offseason questions to arise.

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The morning after a season-ending loss, harping on the details of the failure seem pointless. There are no more adjustments or lessons to be learned, the season is over and it is time to move on to another important offseason.

Of course, there were team flaws that exposed themselves in Game 7 that will be part of the offseason discussion. Most notably in my eyes, the clunky start to the second half which found the Pacers way out of sync and forced them into the first hole they had to dig out of which is no way to play Game 7 on the road.

The other glaring issue, when the Pacers fought for a stop down three with 26 seconds left and Frank Vogel called a timeout despite three Raptors still on the floor under the basket and at least a two-on-three transition opportunity picking up steam.

In both cases, the type of trust in one another, whether between the players and players and coach, that a strong team needs to play big in big moments was lacking. So now the offseason begins. Actually, it was jump-started right after the final buzzer by the following Woj tweets.

Vogel's return is no guarantee, but neither is his departure. The Pacers didn't play in a style that Larry Bird wanted to at the outset of the season, but I'd say Vogel made the best of an effort to change considering the pieces Bird gave him to work with in a transition year.

So while we consider roster changes, the initial big questions are higher up in the organization. Will Larry Bird remain as team president? If so, will Frank Vogel return as coach?

The NBA comes at you fast even while you are still working through a Game 7 loss.

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