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Woj: Pacers to promote Nate McMillan to head coach

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According to a report on Saturday night, the Pacers will move forward with Nate McMillan in charge as he slides over one chair following the departure of Frank Vogel.

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Earlier the week, Larry Bird gave the impression he was as far along in his search for a new coach as O.J. was in finding Nicole's killer. But in reality, Bird already had his man which was likely the case when he announced Frank Vogel's, contract non-renewal.

According to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski the search for their new coach stayed within the Fieldhouse.

McMillan served as Vogel's lead assistant the past two seasons after 12 years as a head coach with the Seattle Supersonics and Portland TrailBlazers. So Bird wasn't really looking for a new voice, just a different voice than Vogel's considering the players will be familiar with McMillan.

The hire certainly isn't sexy and will likely be criticized by many expecting a bolder hire by Bird. That will make me one of the few excited by this hire after watching what McMillan did with the Sonics during his tenure as coach. The first sign of trouble in Seattle that eventually lead to the team leaving town was when "Mr. Sonic" (McMillan) who had some incredible seasons coaching some suspect rosters, up and left for Portland.

McMillan takes over the Pacers with a 478-452 record as a head coach with the Supes and Blazers. He definitely leaned on defense to make those teams work, so the obvious question is how he will find Bird more offense. As the Pacers continue their work in the offseason, their roster remains suspect, as well. At least they have a coach experienced at taking on that task.