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Report: Troy Williams and Melo Trimble scheduled for Pacers workout on Tuesday

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Following the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, the Pacers will begin individual draft workouts next week at the Fieldhouse.

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According to Jeff Rabjohns, who blanket covers IU Hoosiers hoops for, the Pacers have a draft prospect workout scheduled for Tuesday which includes a couple of familiar Big Ten names.

Both Williams and Trimble could return to play at Indiana and Maryland, respectively but are taking advantage of the early-entry rules to learn what NBA people think of their game and whether they want to remain eligible for the draft or return to college.

Williams has yet to commit to staying in the draft although many believe he will forego his final year at IU despite a frustrating showing during his junior season. However, reports of a rough start at the combine has Williams still considering his options which had him saying a decision to return to IU is still 50-50.

Prior to the season, a Pacers scout raved about watching Williams in pre-season workouts at IU. He has the NBA athleticism without a doubt, but the scout had been impressed which his improved shooting from behind the arc. The NBA likes 3 and D hustle guys who can get up and down the court in transition.

Of course, when the workouts turned to games for Indiana, Williams was inconsistent throughout the season and streaky at best from behind the arc, finishing the season averaging just over 13 points and almost 6 rebounds per game while shooting 34.7 percent from three land.

Like Williams, Trimble is taking a look at the NBA after an inconsistent college campaign in his sophomore season for the Terps. Most alarming for Trimble's prospects was his big dip in three-point shooting, as the point guard made just 31 percent of his threes compared to 41 percent in his freshman season. According to reports, the combine hasn't helped Trimble's stock much.

The other player mentioned by Rabby is combo guard Isaiah Cousins out of Oklahoma. Cousins ran alongside Buddy Hield last  season while helping push the Sooners to the Final Four. Cousins played plenty of point guard and has good size, but is considered more of a combo guard and at best, a second-round talent. Here's a money graph from his report.

He split his offensive time between playing on and off the ball, and while he is comfortable in either guard position, he isn't elite at either spot. He is a mixed bag with the ball as he can be a little wild with his decision making, either by shooting low efficiency shots early in the shot clock or failing to make the right decision when it comes to passing the ball and running the offense. On the other hand, he can push the ball in transition and make plays off ball screens both as a scorer and a passer.

The Pacers usually bring in at least six players for workouts, matching up two players at guard, wing and big man to play against each other during the workout. Stay tuned for updates on other workout participants as they are reported.