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NBA Playoffs final score: Pacers eliminated by Raptors 89-84

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Indiana used a 17-4 run to pull within three late, but fell short to Toronto in the final seconds, losing 4-3 in the first round. Paul George had 26 for the Pacers.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

A fourth quarter comeback fell short for the Indiana Pacers, falling 89-84 to the Toronto Raptors in Game 7. Indiana trailed by as many as 16 in the fourth, but continued to chip away, climbing to within three late. But missed opportunities cost Indiana down the stretch as they see a first round exit as the 7th seed.

Paul George led Indiana with 26 points with George Hill scoring 19. The Pacers were killed on the glass, allowing 18 offensive rebounds and getting outshot at the free throw line 17-8. Indiana's bench was also outplayed in a big way, with Toronto's bench winning 24-14.

Despite all of that, Indiana had opportunities late, leaving a sour taste in their first round exit, but there are good things moving forward for this team with a player like George leading the charge.