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Now available: Myles Turner "Swatted" t-shirt

With each block by the 20-year-old rookie, the Myles High Club gains a new member. Now you can celebrate those swatted shots in t-shirt form.

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Myles Turner has had an up-and-down season but when he goes up, opponents are always in trouble. Throughout his limited time this season, some of Turner's most memorable highlights happened as he welcomed unsuspecting shot makers to the "Myles High Club" by sending their offering elsewhere.

Despite playing less than 1300 minutes so far this season, Turner is second among rookies in blocks with 79 and rises about Karl-Anthony Towns with 2.2 blocks per 36 minutes. I love keeping track of the new Myles High Club members on Twitter.

Of course, Turner's signature block of the year was when he met LeBron James at the rim and denied the self-proclaimed King's effort to finish through the Rook. The great folks at Breaking T took that highlight and made a sweet t-shirt for Pacers fans which you can now buy here.


Breaking T does a great job taking highlight moments, whether they be audio or visual, awe inspiring or hilarious, and creating soft, durable t-shirts for fans to enjoy. So get your fresh Swatted t-shirt today!