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Pacers links: Pacers! Raptors! Game 6! Next on ESPN...NEWS?

Apparently ESPN were expecting more sweeps in the first round and failed to account for the possibility of three games on the Friday of the NFL draft. Fortunately, fans can watch the game on FOX Sports Indiana.

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A day before Game 6, the NBA finally let fans know that the Pacers and Raptors will be playing at 7:30 p.m. ET on Friday. Oh, and the league and their broadcast partner ESPN obviously had no contingency plans for multiple Game 6 broadcasts on Friday during ESPN's wall-to-wall coverage of the NFL draft, so instead of ESPN2, the game will be shown on ESPNEWS and NBA TV.

With so little forethought on the matter, I can hear the discussion at ESPN now:

NBA on ESPN Boss: "Um, we are supposed to broadcast the NBA playoffs on Friday and we have three games."

Big Boss at ESPN: "Huh? Just put it on News."

NBA on ESPN Boss: "OK, sir...thanks."

For Pacers fans, the fact that Game 6 is on ESPNEWS is actually a great thing because it brings FOX Sports Indiana back into the mix. So, instead of identifying all of the comments by Jon Barry which make you realize he hasn't watched a Pacers game since the last time he broadcast the Pacers, you can hear Chris Denari and QB call the game.

Thanks, ESPN!

Oh, and if you are going to the game the Pacers will have a gold t-shirt for you.

Finally, big congrats to Indiana Mr. Basketball, Kyle Guy out of Lawrence Central!

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