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Pacers Links: Can Paul George, Pacers go for the kill in Game 2 against Raptors?

A strong performance in Game 1 on the road put the Pacers in control of their first-round playoff series against the Raptors. How will they handle the success?

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After Paul George in particular and the Indiana Pacers in general, came up huge in Game 1 to earn a road win over the Toronto Raptors, they are suddenly playing with house money on the road in Game 2.

That's never a good thing with this team.

Handling success has never been a strong suit for Paul George nor the Pacers under Frank Vogel. For some reason, they always perform better when battling against the odds. Exhaling after earning an advantage against a team that will come out desperate to win is a recipe for disaster.

In their last playoff run, after earning a 3-1 lead against the Wizards with Game 5 at home, they were pounded by the Wiz at the Fieldhouse, 102-79 and had to win the series on the road in Game 6. The year before they won Game 1 on the road against the New York Knicks and then were blown out in Game 2.

Going for the kill has never been a strong suit, whether in a playoff series or closing out a win, as they did in Game 1. I was happy to see DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry dismiss Paul George's defensive impact on their game, hoping it would help him keep an edge, because as PG goes so will go this team and if he enjoys the accolades of Game 1 too much, the Pacers won't have a chance in Game 2.

There are good stories in the links about PG stepping up to finally take a stronger leadership position with this team -- his team. One game does not a leader make. He has to go for the kill in Game 2, which won't necessarily guarantee a win against the desperate Raps. But a W would be a kill shot against a fragile Toronto team that would certainly be overwhelmed leaving Toronto down 0-2.

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