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NBA Playoffs First Round: Warriors have highest odds to repeat as NBA champions; Pacers sit with lowest chance to win Eastern Conference

The odds-makers at Bovada are now added onto the list of people the Pacers will be trying to prove wrong during the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada's odds are out, and there aren't many surprises.

The Golden State Warriors are overwhelming favorites to win the NBA title at 2/3, while Cleveland is expected by the book-keepers to roll through their Eastern Conference opponents to a Finals rematch with Golden State with 5/13 odds to take the East.

From top-to-bottom, the East is seen as more competitive than the West, with the Indiana Pacers taking the lowest odds to win the conference at 66-1, while in the West, Memphis has the slightest chance to win the conference at 200-1. Six of the East's eight playoff teams have better than 50-1 odds to win the conference as well.

The most-likely Finals' matchup is the rematch of last season's series between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, at 11/10. The least likely Finals' affair is a tie between the two seven-seeds facing off, the Pacers and the Grizzlies, and Memphis-Detroit at 10,000/1 odds.

The 8th seeds in each conference are more-likely to reach the Finals than the seventh-seeds in their conference according to the odds-makers, with Houston and Detroit having better odds to win their conference than Memphis and Indiana.

Odds on each first round series will be sent out on Friday.