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Myles Turner is no longer a teenager

The Pacers rookie big man who has played beyond his years at times this year, celebrates his birthday today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Pacers rookie Myles Turner celebrates his 20th birthday today as yet another reminder that the future is bright for the young big man.

Until today, Turner has been a teenage phenom throughout his rookie season. The way he attacked his opportunity on the court and handled, or continues to handle, his business off the court whether with media obligations or work in the community exposed a veteran soul behind that baby face.

Hopefully, Turner has a similar impact on the team and city as couple of other athletes who shares his March 24 birthday. Peyton Manning turns 40 today, if like me, you want to really feel old. Turner is on his way to following in Manning's footsteps with his impact on the community. On the court, let's hope he has success like Chris Bosh who turns 32 today.

Happy birthday, Myles!