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Mock Draft: Pacers Go Small

ESPN's draft guru projects first-round draft picks for each NBA team in his most recent mock-up. Who landed with the Pacers?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Ford released his Mock Draft 4.0 Tuesday morning and it couldn't have come at a better time for Pacers' fans. With erratic play and close losses continuing to pile up, there's nothing like the pull of potential to soothe the hearts of the dejected. The Pacers could use help at just about any spot not occupied by Paul George and Myles Turner, so it was no surprise that Ford took a best-player-available approach when playing the roles of Larry Bird and Kevin Pritchard:

20. Indiana Pacers

Demetrius Jackson
Notre Dame

Jackson is a tough, athletic point guard who gets it done on both ends. His jump shot has been a bit shaky this year compared to previous seasons, but he projects by most scouts as a solid starter or really good No. 2 point guard in the league.

He would be a nice backup to George Hill next year.

While some may prefer a four-man or help on the wing, Jackson projects as a solid get this late in the first round. The Pacers could desperately use a play-making lead guard and Jackson provides some scoring punch (16.3 PPG) along with the ability to set up his teammates (4.9 APG). And he does it relatively efficiently, shooting nearly 47% from the field and averaging a little more than two turnovers a game (2.1).

Jackson may not be the ocean of potential that is Turner, but he could help steady an otherwise rocky position heading into 2016-2017.

Anybody ready for June yet?