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Pacers Links: Final play breakdown one of several Pacers problems in loss to Cavaliers

The Pacers made a series of mistakes down the stretch in regulation that allowed the Cavaliers to push the game in to overtime where they eventually secured the W before heading out of town.

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Rookie Myles Turner put on a show for the Pacers Monday night, often thrilling the Fieldhouse faithful high above the rim. But the rook missed a simple assignment requiring a screen on the ground which disrupted a potential game-winning possession to end regulation.

Of course, that mistake may not have been an issue had the Pacers taken care of their lead and more specifically the ball in the final four minutes of the game. With a four point lead, time and score dictate valuing each possession, using up some clock to get a good shot or foul.

The Pacers did their job on the defensive end, getting three consecutive stops, but the result at the other end was a turnover by Paul George, a missed three by Monta Ellis and then another turnover by Paul George.

The lead stayed at four and then all of a sudden, J.R. Smith hits a three. Paul George has another turnover which eventually leads to a LeBron James layup and the lead vanished. Four offensive possessions to extend a lead and they get one shot.

That eventually set up a tie game with 20 seconds remaining, but Turner failed to set a second screen as expected which left Monta Ellis hung out to dry and shooting an off-balance, fade-away for the win. No win.

Before his teammates let him know, Turner knew he messed up. After the game, Frank Vogel took the blame. He wanted the young fella in the mix but he said he should've looked him in the eye and made sure he knew exactly what to do. At the 1:50 minute mark in the video below, you can see the final play in regulation, and Monta left pointing for some action that would never happen.

Here's a how the play was supposed to be run. First, George Hill makes a diagonal cut off a rub screen from Turner.


After Hill goes past Turner, the rook was supposed to screen across for Paul George which would let Monta read how the defense reacted and try to make a play to PG, Turner or for himself.


Monta tried to direct Turner to make the screen but it was too late and the Pacers chance to win in regulation quickly evaporated.

Taking care of the basketball and executing plays may seem like minor issues on the surface but they were a big problem for the Pacers in another frustrating loss.

As you can see in the links, Vogel remained positive about the way his team is adjusting to playing with the dynamic rook which gives them a stronger defensive edge. He even unearthed the term 'smashmouth' to describe the go-forward mindset. Let's hope we can add 'smart down the stretch' to describe this team at some point, as well.

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