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NBA Trade Deadline Game Thread: Pacers trade rumors quiet, team confident going forward

Larry Bird and the rest of the Pacers front office may be working the phones today, but the Pacers players and coaches will be happy if no changes are made before the trade deadline this afternoon.

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All is quiet on the trade rumor front for the Pacers as the Thursday 3 p.m. ET NBA trade deadline is now a few hours away.

A minor move involving Chase Budinger may still drop before the deadline but unless other big deals breakdown leaving the Pacers an opportunity to swoop in late on a good deal, the Pacers will likely stand pat and try to improve their sixth place standing in the East.

That sounds good to the players and coaches. A team with good chemistry that grinds through the ups and downs of a season naturally wants to stick together and figure things out on their own. While the front office looks for ways to improve the team every day in other ways, Paul George and Frank Vogel pitched keeping the current crew together.

"This is a good group right here and if we can get this together, I think we can do something special," Paul George said.

Frank Vogel said he would prefer move forward past the trade deadline with the current team intact. Aside from joking that he may change his mind if the team could land three All-NBA talents, Vogel would be happy if there is no news from the Fieldhouse on Thursday.

'I'm happy with the group. If we make no deals, I'll be very happy," Vogel said.

On the injury front, Rodney Stuckey is steal dealing with his foot injury and has been ruled out for the three-game road trip which begins on Friday. Vogel added that the reserve guard would likely miss the first two home games next week, as well which raises concerns since it appeared Stuckey may be close to returning prior to the All-Star break. But now after an additional full week off, he may be out at least another 10 days. Also, Jordan Hill is still dealing with a dislocated ring finger which has him questionable for OKC on Friday.

On Tuesday, I talked about the deadline and the remainder of the season on The Phil Naessens Show. Both of us are looking forward to the deadline passing. Check it out!

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