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VIDEO: Paul George and George Hill appear on The Bachelor

The Pacers dipped into reality television last week and the results aired Monday on the latest episode of The Bachelor.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Paul George, George Hill, Frank Vogel and Boomer trekked up to Warsaw, Indiana to make an appearance on ABC's reality show The Bachelor. Ben the Bachelor hails from Warsaw so it was time to take one of his leading contestants on a trip home which included a surprise visit from the Pacers.

Not sure if you can get a SAG card for a speaking role in a reality show, but Paul George and George Hill both had their moments on the show which you can watch below. GHill spoke about the small state of Indiana while PG was able to express his appreciation for getting to show up for the kids in Warsaw.

Seriously, the NBA All-Star break can't end soon enough. Hang in there, we'll soon have reports from practice at the Fieldhouse leading up to a game once again on Friday when the Pacers play the Thunder in OKC.