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Paul George earns strong response for his NBA All-Star Game performance

Paul George showed why he was voted a starter for the East in the NBA All-Star Game and the folks on social media responded nicely to the Pacers' star.

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Paul George had a shot at the NBA All-Star Game scoring record, literally -- one shot.

After draining buckets from all over the gym to log 41 points, Gregg Popovich and the West were going to make him earn Wilt Chamberlain's 42-point scoring record so they employed the only defense of the night. PG initially caught Draymond Green off guard which allowed him to get up a 3-point shot for the record. The shot bounced and then the West added Kevin Durant to double-team PG and make sure there were better scoring options for the East. J

Just as well, since the scoring binge happened in a loss. Let's just hope PG takes some of that hot shooting back across the border with him for the remainder of the regular season. Regardless, PG shining in Toronto brought out plenty of sparkling posts on social media. Here's PG's All-Star Game recap in a series of Instagram and Twitter posts.

#PG13Style: All-Star Game arrival

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Ok, PG!

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@ygtrece leads all scorers with 16 points at halftime of #NBAAllStarTO. #PG13AllStar

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Feel free to add other posts about PG during the All-Star Game.