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NBA All-Star Weekend: Reggie Miller takes down Drake in international ping-pong duel

Pacers legend Reggie Miller showed he has a flare for the dramatic with a ping-pong paddle in his hand, much like he did on the court with a game-winning shot in his hand.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Among the many extra events throughout NBA All-Star weekend, one of my favorites was watching Reggie Miller take down NBA ASG Global Ambassador and rapper, Drake in a heated ping-pong duel that matched USA vs. Canada. Fortunately, this wasn't an effort at ping-pong diplomacy but instead the battle for bragging rights and a championship belt.

Drake made things interesting but when it was winning time, Uncle Reg showed up big like he always does. Even better, he did so while wearing the "Slim" Mel Daniels tribute practice jersey. Check out the video recap of the best of three match.

Reggie Miller and Drake went toe-to-toe in a match of ping pon...

Reggie Miller and Drake went toe-to-toe in a match of ping pong in The 6! #HotlinePing #6Pong

Posted by Bleacher Report on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stay tuned for the rematch during the Conference Finals on TNT.