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NBA All-Star Weekend: Paul George keeps busy in Toronto on NBA All-Star Friday

The Pacers all-star is hoping to minimize the physical demands on Toronto this weekend, but the NBA kept him busy on Friday talking into various microphones.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George planned to limit his event schedule during NBA All-Star weekend to keep him fresh for the game on Sunday and allow his body to rest more than usual on the normally hectic weekend.

On Friday in Toronto, PG spent a lot of time sitting down and talking into a microphone at various appearances, which recaps nicely.

Here is the audio of PG's media session. He also bumped into Danny Granger later on a NBA Sirius/XM radio show.

Former teammates! @ygtrece joins @grannydanger33 on Sirius XM.

A photo posted by Indiana Pacers (@pacers) on

PG is also going to do some "reporting" for the All-Star Celebrity game. I'm looking forward to seeing PG on the other side of the mic.

I guess PG can get some rest on Saturday, right?