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Pacers Podcast: Paul George, Thad Young avoid disaster, push Pacers past Wizards

The latest Locked on Pacers episode enjoys the Pacers’ win over the Wizards which exposed the thin line between winning and losing some nights in the NBA.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It can be a short leap from hero to goat (think Billy, not MJ) in the NBA.

Paul George made some big shots down the stretch but came up one bucket short of knocking out the Wizards just as NBA Twitter was riding in to sing PG's crunch-time praises. The Wiz took advantage of a few empty trips, which included a turnover and two misses by PG, to erase a late seven-point deficit and tie the game late.

Washington then made sure PG wouldn't beat them in the final possession, so the Pacers turned to Thad Young who hit a sweet runner for the lead. With 0.9 seconds remaining, Young looked like the hero, but was nearly the goat after failing to switch off his man and cover up Bradley Beal, the one Washington player the Pacers didn't want to shoot an open three. Fortunately, Beal pulled the string enough to bounce the potential game-winner after some nice action by the Wiz freed him in hte corner.

Check out the clip of the final shot. John Wall was a big distraction forcing Jeff Teague and PG to cover him at the rim. Then Glenn Robinson tried to chase Beal to the corner, where Young should have been, as well. Check out the drive block Marcin Gortat puts on Robinson like a left tackle pushing out a pass rusher.

Justice was served and Gortat's reaction made it all worth it.

We hit on this and an injury update on Monta Ellis and Rodney Stuckey as the Pacers head to NYC to play the Knicks.

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