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Pacers Podcast: What can Pacers take from OT win over Sixers?

The latest Locked on Pacers episode hits on the win over Philly, hears from Nate McMillan along with an unnamed NBA coach’s assessment of the team.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers earned no style points for beating the Sixers in overtime, but did earn the W to even their record at 4-4.

While needing OT to win, and really they were lucky Philly struggled so much at the free throw line or OT may not have happened, seems like a negative, the way they handled the extra basketball gave the Pacers something to grab onto after the game.

The defensive energy born out of the desperation of potentially losing to Philly at the Fieldhouse, was mentioned after the game as an example of what the team is capable of as a group. Paul George mentioned that the effort they showed to close out the win is something they can take on the road.

Let’s hope that’s true. It would also be nice if Jeff Teague packs the type of game he delivered which was huge late in the game.

In addition to talking through the high points of the win, we also hear from Nate McMillan on the team’s defensive approach and how the players figure into instilling a culture of discipline and accountability. Also, an anonymous NBA bench coach assessed several teams on Locked on NBA and we have his fair look at what he’s seen from the Pacers so far.

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