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Pacers Podcast: Timely rest may be best for Monta Ellis

The Locked on Pacers podcast looks back at week one of camp and explains why the Pacers should keep an eye on Monta’s minutes

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NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On the second episode of Locked on Pacers we look at that glaring contrast in Monta Ellis’ numbers last season based on how many days of rest he had between games. Dealing with the Baker’s cyst and associated complications certainly played a role, but even while Monta feels good, the Pacers may be wise to find spots in the schedule to rest Monta to keep him healthy for the long haul of the NBA season and post-season.

Also, we looked back at the first week of camp and directed listeners to a few good articles which I will link below.

Caitlin Cooper on Nate McMillan’s expressed concerns about rebounding.

Mark Montieth on Rodney Stuckey looking healthy and ready to run for the Pacers during the first week of camp.

Nate Taylor caught up with C.J. Miles on his preseason preparation and found out how he used an opponent scouting report to work on his weaknesses.

Check out the podcast via Audioboom below!