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Reggie Miller guests in new Funny or Die video, The Earliest Show

The Pacers legend lends his comedic effort to a new web series.

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Cap’n Crunch cereal is sponsoring a new Funny or Die show called The Earliest Show and former Pacers legend and HOF’er, Reggie Miller was part of the first episode.

Comedians Ben Schwartz (of Parks and Rec) and Lauren Lapkus (of Orange is the New Black) host the show which does a nice job spoofing the old Regis and Kathy Lee show genre which I guess remains a genre since there a still morning talk shows that some people get to watch.

Naturally, Reggie has no problem hamming it up on the show while giving advice to Ben about proposing to his girlfriend. You can check out the episode below.

The Earliest Show will run each Tuesday on Funny or Die’s website from Nov. 8-Dec. 6.