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Pacers Preview: sees Pacers season revolving around Paul George

Andrew Sharp asks all the right questions facing the Pacers in the upcoming season.

NBA: Preseason-Indiana Pacers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers are trying their best to win now so they can keep winning with Paul George in the future.

That’s the nut how Andrew Sharp at broke down the Pacers for his season preview. Among the wide array of NBA previews, I found Sharp’s look at the Pacers to be spot on. Unlike many previews that try to wade through past numbers and project future results, Sharp raises the questions the team will answer throughout the season.

But as Sharp points out, all of these questions are part of THEE big question regarding the future of Paul George with the Pacers. I found it odd that there were articles at the outset of preseason about the Pacers trying to extend PG when he would have to be a fool to sign an extension prior to next summer.

Even if PG doesn’t sign a new deal, he won’t be going anywhere for two years unless the Pacers realize they need to deal him first. That nightmare scenario is what the Pacers are trying to avoid by building a team that will let PG be the lead dog and win games.

Will it work?

That question and more posed by Sharp should make for a compelling Pacers season. Check out the whole preview and share your thoughts on what he has to say.