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NBA TV previews what to expect from Pacers

Changes in coaching, style of play and the players implementing that style were all topics on NBA TV’s Pacers preview.

NBA: Preseason-Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers took their turn in the preview spotlight on NBA TV as they discussed the many changes and challenges ahead for the blue and gold. Since the preview if put together by the league, they will shine the best light possible on the Pacers but definitely touch on the key questions we will look to have answered in the regular season.

Fortunately, they tweeted out a series of segments so we can see what they have to say here. The first segment has Paul George, Myles Turner and Jeff Teague discussing a new approach under Nate McMillan, the team getting together early and how nice it is to have so many veteran players working together.

Greg Anthony and Rick Fox discuss Nate McMillan using a 14-second shot clock in camp and evolving as a coach to adapt for what is going on in the league now.

John Schuhmann breaks down the defensive numbers and explains the challenge facing the Pacers after losing key defenders, surmising the Pacers may change their identity to a more balanced team as opposed to an elite defensive team. Yes, this is THEE question heading into the season.

GA and Fox return to discuss the difference Jeff Teague can make in the lineup after returning home to join the Pacers.

Finally, highlights from a feature on Myles Turner putting in offseason work trying to meet the high expectations he has for himself this year.

Check you NBA TV schedule to watch the full 30-minute team preview on the Pacers which will likely air again quite a few times before the start of the regular season.