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Pacers massage therapist splits apple with his bare hands

Try to look away. We dare you.

Kevin Seraphin - Twitter

From lounging with snakes to draining trick shots in Paris, Kevin Seraphin’s eye-popping social media posts never fail to surprise, and his latest video is no departure from that trend. Admittedly, with a cooler and pile of towels helping to set the scene, the backdrop, which appears to be a training room at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, is decidedly more modest. However, his muse, the Pacers massage therapist, is equally, if not more, captivating.

Watch in awe as he splits this “freaking apple” with nothing more than the strength of his bare hands:

Even if left on constant loop, it is obvious that one of these spellbinding nine-second videos simply is not going to be enough:

Seriously, what other items can he do this with? Recommendation: In honor of October, his next installment of “Can he split it?” should feature a pumpkin.

Making room for Kevin Seraphin as the team’s third-string center already made sense given Al Jefferson’s injury history, providing his followers with the videos they never knew they needed reinforces why he’s a keeper.