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No surprise, NBA reveals two late missed calls go against Pacers in Miami

The Pacers suffered another gut-wrenching, close loss in Miami on Monday and once again the NBA admitted the Pacers were on the wrong end of official errors late in the game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Surely the Pacers will benefit from NBA referees missing critical calls at some point, right?

It just wasn't last night in Miami, which was pretty obvious for anyone who watched the Pacers fade down the stretch before losing to the Heat in overtime.

According to the latest Last Two Minute report on the game from the NBA, there were two incorrect non-calls that both went against the Pacers.

Here the official comment from the report on the final play in regulation:

Bosh (MIA) extends his hip as he sets the screen on George (IND) without giving him room to avoid the contact

Extends his hip? Chris Bosh moved several feet, backing into Paul George to free up Dwyane Wade for a layup to tie the game at the end of regulation. No details on how referee Pat Fraher seasoned his whistle before ingesting it at the time.

Here's a link to video of the play, but the following screen caps show just how far Bosh moved while "screening" Paul George under the watchful eye of Fraher.

Chris Bosh makes initial contact as a screener on Paul George trying to free Dwyane Wade at the free throw line.


Bosh maintains contact, obviously moving from his original spot at free throw line.


Bosh is now at the top of the key, still pushing PG as Wade catches the pass before getting to the rim.


The other incorrect non-call came toward the end of OT after Justise Winslow missed his second free throw with 5.8 seconds remaining and the Pacers down two points. Ian Mahinmi had nice block out and the rebound on his hand when Dwayne Wade hammered his arm. Here's a link to the video.

It seemed pretty obvious at the time, but as I mentioned the end result would have put Mahinmi at the line where he had just missed a pair. Regardless, the end of the game would've played out differently, although according to the report, the game should've ended earlier.


This is the third close loss in the past two weeks that came with a "my bad" follow-up from the NBA Last Two Minutes Report. The final play non-call on PG in Chicago and then two late non-calls in favor of the Kings at the Fieldhouse.

Here's to hoping these things even out in the end for the Pacers...and soon!