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Paul George loves Benihana

A new report shows which NBA players love Japanese-American restaurant Benihana, with Paul George being extremely successful during games after he eats at the chain.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Until today, I had never heard of Benihana. Apparently it's a restaurant similar to House of Kobe, which is another Japanese-American restaurant near me. Well, NBA players probably eat from the chain more often than the rest of the American public.

A new report by Vocativ shows that NBA players often tweet- and often eat -at Benihana. The Pacers side of the story, is that Paul George is incredibly successful in games after he tweets about Benihana. The Pacers win 77.8% of his games after George tweets about the chain, and the team has won 7 straight after George tweets about something Benihana-related.

See the chart below for proof (h/t Vocativ Analysis):

As you can tell, it's a scientific fact that the Pacers play better when Paul George eats at Benihana (or tweets about it).