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Report: Fatigue 'weighing on' Paul George

Paul George scored 34 points in Sacramento but fatigue continues keep his body from responding as hoped midway through the season.

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George continues to complain about the wear and tear of his comeback season bringing his game back down to terra firma. While he's still scoring cashing in his 20 points per game, simply watching him play exposes how he's struggling.

There's no need to look at the stat sheet which also reveals those 20 point games don't come nearly as easy as they did in November. PG is often asked about how he's feeling and is always accommodating with an answer. Normally, such responses would be considered excuses, but that's a touch charge against a player who has no idea what's ahead of him in his recovery from a broken leg.

Back home in Indiana after a 1-3 road trip, PG addressed his fatigue issues again, as Nate Talyor reports.

A few weeks ago, George elected to push through the soreness in his legs, resulting in inconsistent performance. But on Monday, he acknowledged that continuing such an effort could make him less effective.

"I think a lot of it is just being overly confident that I can go out and still do the things I was doing (earlier in the season)," George said. "It's not the case. It's hard and it's weighing on me right now, it's weighing on my body, it's weighting on my mental (approach). It just sucks knowing where you were at."

Hard to imagine things improving without a few stretches of extended rest. The All-Star break should help by providing an efficient period of rest without missing games. Another stretch in early March looks favorable for an extended rest, when the Pacers have a home game against San Antonio between five road games. But if PG sits out against the Spurs, he could have six full days off to rest his legs heading into the last part of March which is heavy with home games.

If the playoffs are still on the horizon as expected, taking another game or two in the final couple of weeks will also help. Meanwhile, PG and the rest of his team have to figure out how best to play with the PG of January as opposed to the beast of November.

The physical and mental toll of returning from a broken leg is certainly understandable while also being frustratingly unpredictable. It sounds as if PG is coming to grips with that reality. Hopefully, that's the case and he can stop talking about the struggle while still playing heavy minutes and instead do something about the struggle and schedule some rest for his leg.