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Paul George's third NBA All-Star selection his most impressive in comeback season

The Pacers star wasted little time returning to All-Star form after missing last season which makes is remarkable when you stop to consider the comeback his body is making this season.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Any preview of the Pacers season this year revolved around one question: How well could Paul George play after missing last season with a broken leg?

PG answered that question in a hurry, sprinting out of the gate to play better than he ever did before his injury, scoring almost 30 points per game in November and making nearly half his three-point attempts. The answer was so quick and forceful it was easy to move on and consider the comeback over and complete.

There has been much consternation and hand-wringing over his play the past six weeks. When he "only" scored over 21 points per game and shot a more pedestrian 36% from three-land...and the Pacers started losing more. PG has been considered part of the problem.

Well, the Pacers do go as PG goes so he has been part of the problem, but his All-Star selection and stopping to measure his play against other top players, also offers the chance to appreciate just what PG is doing this season. Many of us follow the Pacers so closely (guilty as charged) it is easy to pick apart all of the problems which includes PG at times. But zooming out from the trees a bit to look over the Pacers forest, one fact remains with regard to Paul George: HE'S RETURNING FROM A BROKEN LEG WHICH KEPT HIM OUT LAST SEASON!

We don't know how this will play out. Just because PG started strong, doesn't mean his body is up for the full 82 games and expected post-season. He admitted early in the year, he still didn't have the burst on demand to finish strong and as he continues to deal with fatigue, it doesn't appear that burst will be making an appearance this year. So he continues to adjust.

As series of tweets last night from Dr. Robert Klapper, an orthopedic surgeon who also has an ESPN Radio show, marvels at how well PG is doing considering his repaired leg. He adds some details on the procedure and recovery PG has endured. It is a stark reminder that the story of PG's comeback season is far from complete, but what we've witnessed so far is remarkable.