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Pacers Links: Pacers, Paul George still looking for answers to close out wins

The Pacers have a lot of key new faces playing together and that unfamiliarity has contributed to late-game issues in recent losses. But if Paul George is going to lead this team, he needs to start leading this team when they need it most.

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Following practice on Monday, Pacers star Paul George expressed his frustration with the team's missed opportunities in recent games.

"We've probably lost about 10 games that we were in control of that we didn't find a way or figure out how to finish," PG said. "Once we get that down, that's when we'll start excelling."

Actually, that numbers is more like six games, but it does feel like 10 considering three of the last four losses were of the highly winnable variety. Late game execution -- whether it be in half-court sets, at the free throw line or simply taking care of the ball -- has been the killa down the stretch when the Pacers need a killer to rise up and put a stranglehold on the W.

As the franchise player, PG is first in line to handle that role but at some point he has to stop talking about all of the barriers to being that man, and instead step up and lead the way.

Talent is not an issue with PG, but that killer capability he keeps talking about learning has to become more instinctual. The question is not whether or not PG can figure it out, but if that lethal competitive streak is in him.

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