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C.J. Miles excited about options in Pacers new style of play

When the Pacers play small and spread the floor, C.J. Miles will be in position to make a big impact for the Pacers.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Miles couldn't help but laugh and smile.

The thought of a bounty of open three-point looks will do that to a spot-up shooter with a quick trigger.

With the Pacers spreading the floor with a smaller lineup, opposing defenses will have to help slow down GHill, Monta and PG when they slash to the hoop. That's when Miles will float to open real estate behind the arc ready to make 'em pay by cashing in the kick-out pass for three.

By knocking those three-balls down, the lanes will open up again for the slashers creating a pick-your-poison scenario.  Miles took a question from Michael Grady on the topic following the Pacers first practice today which brought out the happy face.

"My job is to make it easy on them and their job is to make it easy on me," Miles said through that big smile. "They give me a chance to make some shots, I'm going to make them and I'm going to make some space for them where guys can't help."

"Help me help you," Miles said through a laugh.

The Pacers are no longer focusing on the power-post offense that was never aesthetically pleasing to the eye, although endearing and enjoyable after a win.

But this year will be different and should be plenty enjoyable for everyone, which Miles touched on at Media Day on Monday.

"Everybody is excited about it," Miles said. "Even the fans who aren't even going to get on the floor are excited about it."

He went on to list the offensive options added to the lineup with Monta Ellis and the return of Paul George and the idea that all of the talent will by running, jumping and pushing the pace to keep things hopping at the Fieldhouse.

"It's fan's basketball, for sure and it's a players' type of game, so everybody's excited."