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Indiana Pacers set to launch Snapchat account

The Pacers will launch the newest account on Monday for 2015 Pacers Media Day.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

At first it was MySpace, then it was Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram, then Vine and now it's Snapchat.

The app that is based mostly off the sharing of pictures, has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Over the years, many sports teams in all four major professional leagues have made a team account to help better interact with their fans. Jeff Mason has an entire page dedicated to which teams have added Snap accounts, and as of the last update of the site, 24/30 NBA teams have an account.

The list will soon have 25.

The Indiana Pacers will launch their account on Monday for Pacers Media Day. It looks as if the Pacers are looking to engage with fans in newer ways, and Snapchat is an app that is highly popular with millennials from middle school age to young college graduates.

Snapchat is available for Apple and Android devices and be sure to add the Pacers' new account: indianapacers