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Solo's Egg Hunt

Pacers forward Solomon Hill left a few presents to those paying attention to his Twitter account yesterday

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, we love you.  Pacers forward Solomon Hill decided to have a little fun with his tweeps yesterday by starting what he coined "#soloseastereggs".  He had been dropping hints that the "easter eggs" would be some of basketball's most prized possessions: shoes.  Solo took the opportunity of his Twitter popularity (27.5 K followers) to make a little game of hide and seek around Indianapolis.

The first pair of sneaks he left out were in Carroll Stadium on the IUPUI campus.  He tweeted the type of shoe and a couple pictures to get a hint as to where they were.  He later moved off campus and towards the Canal to hide his second pair of shoes, this time setting up behind the Indiana State Museum.  For the grand finale, Solo went back home to Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the last pair of his shoes.

As of now, there are no more shoes left to find as they were all recovered very quickly.  You can check out the winners on Hill's Twitter page @SoloHill.  We've heard a lot about how these Pacers like to treat their fans every now and then, but I tip my cap to Solo as he went above and beyond.  Not only did he give some of his sacred shoes away, but he had some fun with his fans.  With training camp in the near future, this was a genius way for everyone to get their mind back on Pacers basketball (and maybe off Colts football for the time being).  The only downside of this all is I was on campus ALL DAY yesterday and didn't come away with any shoes...oh well.  Next time, Solo, next time.