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Pacers to donate uniforms for Arlington High School's basketball team

Three years away from Indianapolis Public Schools have left Arlington without the funding necessary to provide for their athletics, but were given a big assist from the Indiana Pacers in making it happen.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Arlington High School in Indianapolis began seeking help in providing their athletic department uniforms in which to compete. The school spent three years out of the Indianapolis Public Schools district and a transition back to within the IPS district has left the Golden Knights with very little in the way of funding.

The school originally sought help from their community, but when WTHR ran the story, it helped garner the attention of the Indiana Pacers. Bill Benner of the Pacers wrote to WTHR on Wednesday to give a positive update about the story:

"Just wanted to let you know that because of your story, the Pacers Foundation will pay for the Arlington HS basketball uniforms. Thanks for bringing it to the public’s – and our -- attention."

Giving the kids at Arlington the same opportunities as the teams they'll be competing against is a great way for the Pacers to show their support to not only Arlington, but the community as a whole. Both assistant basketball coach Cliff Williams and senior Donoven Carlisle expressed the need for uniforms, something that can often be taken for granted when it's something that can easily be taken for granted.

"When you put on a uniform, you're doing this for your school, like, you're representing your school," Carlisle said. "That way you know that you're a part of something special."

"These kids deserve it. They deserve to look good and feel good and be able to represent Indianapolis and Arlington," Williams said.

Arlington will look the part in their 2015-16 basketball campaign with their uniforms and will be able to put all the focus on games,hopefully resulting in a successful season for the Golden Knights. Big props to Bill Benner and the Pacers Foundation for making sure it happened.