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Pacers 2015-16 Schedule Release: What are your top five ticket games?

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The NBA released the upcoming regular season schedule on Wednesday which means the wild offseason will soon give way to games before we know it.

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The Pacers, along with the rest of the NBA, released their full regular season schedule on Wednesday. I'm not sure how you digest the schedule, but since it remains mid-August with the season-opener in Toronto (on Oct. 28) still over two months away, I always like to figure out which big games I want to see at the Fieldhouse.

So I ask you to join my exercise and let us know the top five games you'd like to see at the Fieldhouse this season.

This is no easy task this year since I will be highly intrigued to see Roy Hibbert come back to town with the Lakers (Feb. 8) and David West with the Spurs (Mar. 7). I'd probably have the Spurs annual visit on the least regardless, but the Lakers? Well, depends on what form of Kobe Bryant would have been available on Feb. 8. Regardless, both games are on my list.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies (Oct. 29) - Gotta be on hand for opening night.
  2. Los Angeles Clippers (Jan. 26) - The Clippers are simply the team I most enjoy hating on since they are one part damn good and two parts super whiney. Oh, and adding Lance Stephenson to the mix should amp up the entertainment factor.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers (Feb. 1) - gotta see LeBron's first game of the year at the 'House and so late in the season. Hopefully it will still be a big game!
  4. Los Angeles Lakers (Feb. 8) - Assuming Roy Hibbert isn't crumpled up in the fetal position after a few months with Kobe Bryant, this should be fun.
  5. San Antonio Spurs (Mar. 7) - Spurs always a draw but DWest adds a little extra juice.

Toughest omission was the Golden State Warriors. If forced to only go to five games, I'd forgo opening night to add the Dubs on Jan. 22.

Other key dates for the Pacers are on the road where they have two four-game trips against Western Conference teams. First they spend five days in L.A. where they play the Lakers (Nov. 29) and Clippers (Dec. 2) to open up their first big trip which includes the Blazers (Dec. 3) and Jazz (Dec. 5).

Regardless of when and where the Pacers play their 82 games, the regular season ends on Apr. 13 at Milwaukee. Hopefully the next day we can break down the Pacers playoff schedule.